Louver Cupolas

Our cupolas come with many options including sizing options. The prices listed on this page are for the basic cupola. Prices increase as the cupola size is increased and/or options selected. Please click on the cupola image to view the options available for each cupola. 

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Caribou Louvered Shed Cupola
Shed Cupola sizes 16" or 20"
Trenton Cupola
22", 26", 29", 32", 36"
Philadelphia Cupola
22", 26", 29", 32", 36"
Saratoga Cupola
22", 26", 29", 32", 36"
Williamsburg Cupola
32", 36", 40"
Yorktown Cupola
32", 36", 40"

Cupolas are rooftop decorations that add interest to the top of any building. They are also used to attach weathervanes to the roof for an even more decorative display. At The Weathervane Factory, we offer a wide assortment of designs including those with windows or louvers to suit a variety of tastes. Our louver cupolas come with a copper bell, hip shaped or pagoda roof that coordinates perfectly with our wide assortment of weathervanes. Each is made with the roof pitch specified so that you can accommodate that of the building you will be placing the cupola on. Base extensions are also available.

The original use of louver cupolas was for venting buildings in order to prevent the build-up of stale air. They can release hot air from houses, barns and arenas to create a cooler atmosphere for people, animals and hay lofts where heat and moisture can combine to cause molding. Screening is also an option in order to keep pests and debris out. Our cupolas are available in your choice of PVC or cypress. Both of these materials are designed to last and can be finished in a variety of colors.

Cypress wood is an excellent choice for anyone who wants the rich look of real wood without the maintenance that it typically requires. Cypress produces preservative oil that provides natural resistance to weather as well as decay, insects and more. No matter what region you live in, a cypress wood cupola will endure the hottest summers and the coldest, wettest winters.

Nothing adds more interest to any building than a little house-like roof decoration with a copper roof. A louver cupola also serves an important function by offering venting to any structure that needs to remain cool during all types of weather.

William H. McElvain Sr. has been providing quality crafted weathervanes and cupolas for more than 40 years. You will find the perfectly coordinated copper top louver cupolas and weathervanes to top your home or your barn in order to add a decorative feature that will look beautiful for years.