Dog Weathervanes

Copper Dog Weathervanes - Made in USA - Since 1971

We Manufacture some Great Dog Weathervanes, we make the fun-loving Dachshund Weathervane, the Loyal Labrador Weathervane in two sizes. We make the fun-loving Corgi Weathervane and even did a Cardigan Corgi for that special someone who needs a tail on their corgi. We make two great pug weathervanes and a nice big boxer weathervane. Our big Bulldog Weathervane is sure to please and of course our new German Shepherd Weathervanes are a lot of fun. If you are searching for a nice Scottish Highland Terrier Weathervane or a Happy Jumping Labrador Weathervane, we make him. We even have a Great Beagle Weathervane and a Very nice French Bulldog Weathervane. All our great dog weathervanes fit all our cupolas and weathervane mounts. We are working on new dog weathervanes now so bookmark our website and check back every now and again. You can also follow our Weathervane Blog for Weathervane Updates.