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Cupolas Made in USA – a one-of-a-kind product to take your home, barn, or shed from ordinary to extraordinary. Our exquisite copper and metal roof cupolas are guaranteed to add a touch of awe-inspiring beauty and elegance to your roof line. Whether you're building an outdoor structure or looking for an easy way to make your existing building stand out, shop for your perfect cupola and weathervane today.

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Buy one of these Cupolas Today and this Cupola will ship quickly. These cupolas are made and ready to go. You will get the cupola in the photo only.

We are moving out display cupolas at our retail shop, and we need to find some nice homes for these beautiful display cupolas. The cupola sale is for the exact cupola pictured and this will be the cupola you receive. All sales are final. Enjoy this amazing sale – No Rain Checks! Once the specific cupola is sold – the sale for that cupola will end. So do not wait or it might be gone or the sale will and can end with no notice.

Our cupolas come ready to take up to a 8/12 pitch, are weathervane ready. Be sure to view our Rooftop Cupolas Rules and Guidelines page.