Unique Weathervanes

Unique Weathervanes - Made in USA – Cupola Ready

We Manufacture over 100 Copper Unique Weathervanes, we make Carpenters Saw and Hammer Weathervane, Bakers Weathervane, Kite Weathervane, Mechanic Weathervane and the Electrician Weathervane. Sun Weathervanes and even the Arts Weathervane. For the farmer we have Carrot Weathervanes, Old Steam Tractor Weathervanes, Bees, Trees, and Pumpkin Weathervanes. We make Oak Leaf Weathervanes andMaple Leaf Weathervanes. Our Peace Sign Weathervanes and even a Truck with a Christmas Tree Weathervane. All our great Unique Weathervanes fit all our Cupolas and Weathervane Mounts. If you want a Shamrock Weathervane this is the area where so many beautiful and unique weathervanes are going to be found. Each Unique Weathervane is made to order just for our great customers. Follow our Weathervane Blog for Weathervane and Cupola Updates.