Made in Maine Weathervanes
Cupolas and Weathervanes

Weathervanes and Cupolas - it's what we do best. Spend some time with us and see all our weathervanes and cupolas today.

Cupolas and Weathervanes - Click Here Now.
Top Quality Made in the USA weathervanes and cupolas
Rooster Weathervanes - Cupolas and Fun Things.

We make rooster weathervanes. walking, crowing and even a hen weather vane. Enjoy a rooster weathervane and cupola today.

Rooster Weathervane and Cupolas - Click Here
Pig Weathervane flying over Acadia Park
Pig Weathervanes, Cupolas and Fun Things

Cupolas and Pig Weathervanes - got to love them!

Pig Weathervanes and Cupolas - Click Here!
Sailboat Flying over Bangor Maine
Sailboat Weathervanes and Cupolas

We make a variety of yacht, ship and sailboat weathervanes.

Sailboat Weathervanes and Cupolas - Click Here.

Making Copper Weathervanes and Cupolas Since 1971

Our third generation of copper artisians continue to expand our line of copper weathervanes 

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