Made in Maine Weathervanes
Copper Weathervanes - Made in USA - Since 1971

Need a Copper Weathervane – Want a Copper Weathervane – We make over 500 Weathervanes here at The Weathervane Factory with new Copper Weathervane designs coming your way soon.

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Top Quality Made in the USA weathervanes and cupolas
Weathervane Factory - Weathervanes and Cupolas - Made in USA - Since 1971

Weathervanes made the same way since 1971 – We Manufacture Eagle Weathervanes, Horse Weathervanes and a huge selection of Rooster Weathervanes. Love Pig Weathervanes, we make them too. Over 500 Weathervanes Designs available here at The Weathervane Factory.

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Pig Weathervanes

Pig Weathervanes Ahoy! We are the Pig Weathervane Manufacture that is sure to catch your attention. We make Pig Weathervanes – Standing, Sitting and even Flying. Our Flying Pig Weathervanes have wings or even capes. We Make Pig in a Pickup Weathervane, a Rooster Standing on a Pig Weathervane and even a Pig Dancing with a Skirt and Flower – We make amazing Copper Pig Weathervanes – Enjoy!

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Sailboat Weathervanes

Sailboat Weathervanes, Ship Weathervanes, Yacht Weathervanes, we even make Sloop Weathervanes and a Man Rowing a Dory Weathervane. Click here for Nautical Weathervanes.

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