Why should I buy your weathervane? We are good at what we do! Since 1971, we have been a family business that continues to create high quality pieces.  Each weathervane is handmade in our shop in Maine with quality copper.  We hope you find the perfect artwork for you and your home with us!

What comes with my weathervane? Your copper weathervane purchase includes the weathervane figure, standard directionals, two spacer balls, the rod, ring and assembly instructions. 

Where are you weathervanes made?
All of our weathervane figures and copper products are made in our shop in Maine. Our products are made to order so we are never out of stock of your favorite design.  Our weathervane parts and mounts are imported from overseas and throughout the USA. 

How do I mount my weathervane? You can either use a cupola or a mounting bracket and both are available for purchase. You do not need a roof mount for our weathervanes if you're using one of our cupolas - our cupolas come weathervane ready. 

What are your weathervanes made of? Our weathervanes are made of copper.  They include the copper figure, copper spacer balls, brass directionals, rod and ring.  Our weathervanes are high quality and built to last for years. 

Will my weathervane survive in the harsh outdoors? Our copper weathervanes are built to last using 16 ounce copper and made to withstand all normal weather conditions. However, we cannot guarantee your weathervane will survive a hurricane, tornado, lightening strike or other such catastrophy. 

Do you make custom weathervanes? Sometimes.

How do you get the patina finish? We apply a patina acid via spray to accelerate the aging process. Applied patina will vary on each weathervane.



Copper Weathervane Options. (Available on most copper weathervanes)





What size cupola do I need? The general rule of thumb is to have at least one inch of cupola for every foot of your roof line. It is recommended to go one cupola size higher than the measurements suggest for a more appealing look.



Where are your cupolas made? Our new line of cupolas are made right here in our factory in Maine. We also make our own bird feeders and birdhouses. We also have Amish built cupolas available for sale.

How will my cupola arrive?
 Your cupola(s) will arrive in 3 pieces - base, center and top. It is the customers responsibility to assemble the cupola. 


Cupola Trim Example







Where are you located? Our showroom is located in Trenton, Maine. Our original factory/showroom is located at 852 Bar Harbor Road. Our shipping and call center is located on Route 9 in Eddington, Maine. Stop by our showroom and see our wide variety of weathervanes, cupolas and gifts.

How long does it take to have my order shipped? Most of our copper products shipped within 4-7 business days. Our cupolas are 2-4 weeks out. The exceptions are some of our larger cupolas. You will be notified of any delay in shipment. 

International Customers are responsible for paying all Duties, Taxes and Tariffs that may be imposed by their own countries. We Ship UPS and have our Live Rates turned on but these are only for the Shipping Rates for UPS. All other fees, duties and taxes are the customers responsibility. 

How do you ship your products? We ship via UPS, Freight and USPS.


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