Horse Weathervanes

Copper Horse Weathervane 187
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Copper Horse Weathervane SW1911
Copper Horse Weathervane SW1919

Weathervanes are one of the oldest methods of weather prediction and horse weathervanes have long been a part of that history. The key to their function is the perfect balance of the horse on top of the axis. Placing a horse weathervane at the highest point of a barn, home or other building can not only tell which direction the wind is coming from, but it also looks majestic from its perch!

Farmers have long relied on weathervanes to predict the weather in order to determine the best time to plant their crops. This often led to the design of weathervanes that featured farm animals including the horse. Today, horse weathervanes are a popular choice for those who appreciate the elegance and strength symbolized by the beautiful animal.

Our weathervane designs include the directionals so that you can easily determine which direction the wind is blowing from. The lighter side of the weathervane, which is typically the front of the horse, is the side which points in the direction of the wind. We offer a wide variety of styles so that you can choose the image that best suits your taste. Select a single horse figure, the country doctor in his horse-drawn carriage, or the Lady Godiva with a female rider.

Our V-Tech resin horse weathervanes are made of poured PVC which is then allowed to harden for a durable and long-lasting finished product. V-Tech weathervanes offer a similar look to those made of real copper but at a lower cost. Our copper weathervanes are available in natural copper or patina copper. Patina is a tarnish that forms naturally on the surface of copper and gives it a protective layer that makes the weathervanes more resistant to the weather. Many people find the worn look of patina aesthetically appealing.

Cupolas for our weathervanes are sold separately. We have a wide selection of styles and designs with copper tops that will make the perfect resting place for your horse weathervane. Our cupolas come weathervane ready. Shop for all of your weathervane needs at The Weathervane Factory.