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Welcome to The Weathervane Factory. Here we make Eagle Weathervanes, Rooster Weathervanes, Dog Weathervanes and Fish Weathervanes these are just a few of many areas really excel in. Our Cupolas and Copper Finials are also top of the line. Sit back and grab your clicker because you are at the Shop All selection of our web site and you never know what is going to pop up. Arrow Weathervanes, Cat Weathervanes, Sailboat Weathervanes and even Cow Weathervanes. Want a Pelican Weathervane, we make them too. Horse Weathervanes and Pig Weathervanes. Sun, Moon and Star Weathervanes. Whale Weathervanes and even Heron Weathervanes so Shop all – Shop Hard - Shop the Weathervane Factory - Could it be that maybe Mythological Weathervanes are your viewing pleasure. Mermaid Weathervanes, Dragon Weathervanes and even Witch Weathervanes. Search and Click today. Enjoy.Follow our great Blog for Weathervane and Cupola Updates.