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Handmade Bells & Wind Chimes - Made in USA

At our shop in Maine, each of our Copper Wind Chime figures are meticulously handcrafted, and the four wind bells are made of solid brass. These amazing wind chimes are carefully hammered, bent, and snipped to order, creating a beautiful and unique outdoor product for our valued customers. You can easily order your wind chimes online or contact our Help Desk at 207-843-0440 for any questions or phone orders. Hang our exquisite wind chimes in your garden or outdoor space to enjoy the soothing sound and positive element they create, and choose from a variety of sizes and designs to find the best wind chimes that suit your style and price range. 

Discover our exquisite collection of wind chimes—an essential item for elevating your home or outdoor space with an extraordinary and captivating touch with the gentlest breeze! Crafted to perfection and constructed with the finest materials, our renowned wind chimes feature a remarkable addition to your outdoor décor. Explore and see our impressive selection today, and don't miss the opportunity to buy these exceptional wind chimes from our trusted seller. Get ready to show your impeccable taste and enhance your surroundings with this magnificent decoration.