Fun Weathervanes

Fun Weathervanes - Made in USA - Since 1971

We do our best here at the Weathervane Factory to make Fun Weathervanes and all our great weathervanes fit all our amazing cupolas and weathervane mounts. We make the great Mermaid Weathervanes and other Mythological style weathervanes, we make horses jumping, sailboat weathervanes sailing. We make the popular Jesus Fish Weathervanes. So maybe a Dragon or Witch Weathervane is up your ally, maybe a nice Cat Weathervane will make you smile, we pride ourselves on our cute dog weathervanes or our fun airplane weathervanes, even our steady solid buffalo weathervanes are fun. How about a barking beagle weathervane. Fun weathervanes are just that, fun! What could be the most fun? Well finding the perfect weathervane that fits your family’s personality to the tee, so enjoy our many Fun Weathervanes today all are made right here at The Weathervane Factory. Follow our great Weathervane Blog for Weathervane Updates.