Weathervane Roof Mounts, Post Mounts and Eave Mounts.

We have different weathervane mounts for different roof line mounting scenarios. Our most popular weathervane mount is the BHP006 Aluminum Adjustable Roof Mount, this weathervane mount will adjust to fit all roof pitches and can even go out on a flat surface. Other great mounts are our four prong mounts that are great for turrets and tops of cupolas. Also, our strongest mount is our Weathervane Four Prong Stainless Steel Mount or our Flex V Mount which can handle our large Eagle Weathervanes and other large weathervanes. If you wish to mount on the eave of the house one of our standard eave mounts should do the trick. Also, we have the ever-popular post mount for the garden or any flat surface. All our weathervane mounts will fit all our weathervane. Our small weathervane can use our cupola adapter to fit any of these weathervane mounts. Follow our Weathervane Blog for Weathervane and Cupola Updates.