Hexagon Cupolas

Our cupolas come with many options including sizing options. The prices listed on this page are for the basic cupola. Prices increase as the cupola size is increased and/or options selected. Please click on the cupola image to view the options available for each cupola. 

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Williamsburg Cupola
32", 36", 40"
Jamestown Cupola
32", 36", 40"
Yorktown Cupola
32", 36", 40"
Plymouth Cupola
32", 36, 40"

Hexagon cupolas are the ideal way for topping off a number of rooftops. The six-sided designs are an easy way to add style and value to your home or building, offering flexibility that will fit almost any structure. Give a distinctive look to your home, gazebo, or any building with a cupola from The Weathervane Factory in your choice of style and size. Once you have the style and size that is right for your application, choose the weather vane that will finish the look with a truly attractive look.

Our cupolas come weathervane ready with a ¾” opening for fast and easy installation. You can also request a capped cupola if you don’t want to add a weathervane. The copper top designs are made to coordinate with the copper weathervane for a continuous look.

No other structure has the ability to add a sense of awe than the units that we offer here. While they have an undeniable nautical appeal, they can also create an aura of mystique or even romance to different buildings. No matter whether the structure is added to the building with a weather vane or by itself, you can count on any of our hexagon cupolas to add aesthetic appeal to any building.

Our cupolas are made to last and bring charming appeal to your home or other building for a long time to come. Choose from PVC or cypress, natural copper or patina copper on top. With a look that is much like a small building, this architectural detail is as important to overall appearance as that of the structure it is positioned on.

Our selection of hexagon cupolas include window and louver styles with styles that are made with pointed or rounded roofs. One of the best ways to make a choice for your needs is to look at our Photo Gallery and see how many of our customers have combined various styles of cupolas with one of our unique weathervanes. For variety and quality, there is no better place to shop for your building adornments than