Barn Weathervanes

Copper Barn Weathervanes - Made in USA - Since 1971

We Manufacture all our Copper Barn Weathervanes, this is what we do, we make Copper Weathervanes and we Make over 100 Large Barn Weathervanes here at The Weathervane Factory. Our large cow weathervane is huge as is our big cat weathervanes. Big horse Weathervanes and Big Arrow Weathervanes are sure to please. We try to calculate our barn size weathervanes as starting at three feet long since this size is perfect small barn. Our big 4 feet long barn weathervanes are for the big barns and commercial locations that have the monster barn cupolas. All of our barn weathervanes will fit all our cupolas up to the 72” Barn Cupola Size. Some of our amazing big weathervanes sizes are our large Bass Weathervane which is running a great four-foot arrow and our monster three pigs weahtervanes will fit on even the largest custom big barns. So, if you are searching for a big barn weathervane, we have many to choose from and we make each one to order from Buffalo's to Corgis, to even a huge French Bulldog Weathervane, enjoy because you have found us! Follow our great Weathervane Blog for Weathervane Updates.