Copper Weathervanes - Made in USA - Since 1971

We are a Copper Weathervane Company and we have been making Weathervanes since 1971. We pride ourselves with a selection of over 500 copper weathervane designs.

This is our 50th Year making Copper Weathervanes and we are very pleased to still be able to hammer, form and solder together a weathervane for our many great customers. It really is amazing and humbling that over the years we have been able to continue in this great business of making copper weathervanes one weathervane at a time.

If you have never been here to our website or stopped into our showroom in Trenton, you really must take some time to browse our many weathervane designs. We make the standard copper weathervanes such as Horse WeathervanesPig Weathervanes, Rooster Weathervanes and Eagle Weathervanes but we also get creative and do some fun and creative things by mixing it up a bit with the odd and hilarious.