Butterfly Weathervane 396

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Small Butterfly Weathervane - Handmade in USA

Behold the magnificent Copper Butterfly Weathervane, a true masterpiece handcrafted in the USA! This exquisite piece of art is not just a weathervane – it is a symbol of nature's beauty and grace. Hand-hammered with exceptional craftsmanship, this weathervane is perfect for nature lovers looking to adorn their gardens with something truly special. Its great size makes it ideal for sheds, gazebos, and garages, adding a touch of elegance to any outdoor space. Gift this stunning piece to your loved ones and watch as they marvel at its intricate design and flawless execution.

The handmade Copper Butterfly Weathervane is more than just a garden decoration – it embodies the essence of nature in every detail. Crafted by skilled artisans, each fold and curve in the copper metal tells a story of passion and dedication. This weathervane serves not only as an ornamental piece but also as a functional tool to gauge wind direction with style. Imagine gazing out into your garden and being greeted by this beautiful creature gracefully spinning in the breeze – it's truly an enchanting sight that will captivate all who lay eyes on it.

Elevate your outdoor space with the mesmerizing Copper Butterfly Weathervane - an enchanting blend of artistry and functionality that will leave you awe-struck. The delicate yet sturdy design makes it a perfect addition to any garden setting, effortlessly complementing your existing decor. Whether you're looking for a unique gift idea or simply want to enhance your own outdoor sanctuary, this weathervane is sure to impress even the most discerning admirers. Embrace the beauty of nature with this handcrafted masterpiece that embodies both artistic expression and practical utility in one breathtaking package.

Weathervane Product Information

Purchase includes the weathervane figure, spacer balls, directionals, rod and ring choice of adjustable mount, eave mount or adapter for cupola.

  • Approximate figure dimensions: 18"L X 19"H X 8"WS Overall height on mount is 24" high
  • Add approx. 5" to dimension height for directionals and spacer balls
  • Directional Dimensions: 12"L with 2" lettering
  • Options: natural or patina copper // standard directionals
  • Mount included with this purchase. Choose from a roof or eave mount when ordering.

Please note: cupolas are sold separate.
Our weathervanes fit all weathervane mounts and cupolas offered on our site.

This shed sized moon weathervane is a perfect fit for one of our smaller shed cupolas from sizes 16” – 22” Cupola. This shed weathervane will work with the larger cupolas.

Weathervane Finish

Natural Copper - Our copper weathervane are real copper and will age to a natural patina overtime. The weatherane will turn brown, black, and then patina green. The speed process for which it will patina is competed in accordance with Mother Nature's Wishes. Normally within about 5-7 years it should have a nice green patina forming.

Patina Copper Weathervane

We apply two – three or even four coats of patina chemical to your copper weathervane to give it an instant aged patina look.

After we get a solid looking patina, we add a clear coat glue sealant over the patina so that the patina will adhere to the metal better over time. Each weathervane patina can be slightly different in color, but your weathervane will turn a darker patina over a few weeks as it sits out in the elements.

Please note that patina is not paint – it is an accelerated acid wash solution we apply to help the speed up process of patina to the copper.

Clear Industrial Polyurethane on Copper Weathervane

If selected at checkout, we will apply three coats of Clear Industrial Polyurethane to your weathervane so that the copper will not change colors from brown, black to patina. This Clear Industrial Polyurethane will help keep your weathervane looking new.

This Industrial Polyurethane process can also be done by the weathervane owner by purchasing the industrial polyurethane from a supplier. You can find industrial lacquer from numerous sources.

Every few years you will need to reapply an industrial polyurethane to your weathervane and weathervane parts to keep it looking new.

Over time if not reapplied, mother nature will wear off the industrial polyurethane and change your copper with the elements to a natural patina green. This change will be based on where your weathervane location is located. The warmer states tend to speed up this process so you may have to reapply your clear industrial lacquer every few years to avoid the changes mother nature wishes to make.

Weathervane is Made to order in Eddington Maine

This weathervane is made here in Eddington Maine by hand hammering it into a form using 16oz copper/ 24 gauge. This weathervane is real copper and will turn brown, black and then a green patina over time. If you choose to keep the weathervane shiny, you can always apply a clear coat of exterior poly urethane over the weathervane figure and weathervane parts to keep it from changing. Our main Weathervane Retail Shop is located in Trenton Maine on route 3 headed towards Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park. Made in Maine.

Weathervane Figure - Made in the USA.

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