Bugs and Bees Weathervanes

Bugs and Bees Weathervanes - Made in USA - Since 1971

We Manufactures some great Bugs and Bee Weathervanes. Our Cricket Weathervane is great for good luck, and of course we make the old fashion grasshopper weathervane. Our Dragonfly Weathervanes are brilliant, beautiful and charming at the same time, heavy duty, functional and wind worthy. Of course, you must see our great bee weathervane with a flower or our bee weathervane on a simple arrow. Maybe a Butterfly Weathervane is in your future, we also make a beautiful Scorpion Weathervane. We are always working on new weathervanes so feel free to bookmark our website so you can check back every now and again. You can also follow our great Weathervane Blog for all Weathervane Updates.