English Horse Weathervane 640

English Horse Weathervane 640
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Price: $995.00
Product ID : 640
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Natural Copper
Patina Copper (+$20.00)
Steel Rod
Stainless Steel Rod (+$20.00)
No Extended Rod Needed
14" BHP005 Steel Extended Rod (+$14.95)
14" BHP018 Stainless Steel Extended Rod (+$25.00)


The english horse weathervane purchase includes the figure, copper spacer balls, the directionals, rod and ring. The english horse weathervane figure is made in the USA from 16 ounce copper, each piece is hammered and bent to form a unique piece of masterful copper weathervane art that will last for years to come.

Approximate figure dimensions: 48"L X 27"H
Add approx. 10" to dimension height for directionals and spacer balls
Directional Dimensions: 23"L with 4" lettering
Weathervane Options: natural or patina copper // standard directionals

Please note: cupolas and weathervane mounts are sold separate.
Our weathervanes fit all mounts and cupolas offered on our site.

This product generally ships within 4-7 days.

Special Notes:
Weathervane Figure - Made in the USA.

For Patina Copper -- Patina acid is applied via spray to accelerate the aging process. Applied patina will vary on each weathervane.

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