Stork and Baby Weathervane

Stork and Baby Weathervane - Made in USA - Since 1971

Our Copper Handmade Stork and Baby Weathervanes are made by hand – one Stork Weathervane at a time. Each of our Amazing Stork and Baby Weathervanes are made to order so you will receive a new Stork Weathervane made just for you. If you love real handmade Stork and Baby Weathervanes, then you will appreciate that each Weathervane is Hammered, Bent, Snipped and Made by Hand just for our Great Customers. Order your Weathervane now online or contact our Help Desk at 207-843-0440 for Questions or to Order over the Phone. Also, be sure to follow our great Weathervane Blog for Weathervane and Cupola Updates.