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Mythological Weathervanes

Mythological Weathervanes - Made in USA

 Mythological Weathervanes are one of our favorite weathervane types to make. We love making mermaids and witches, dragons and Pegasus, flying pigs and flying sheep, super pigs, and chickens with top hats and canes. Pigs with wine glass and beer mugs, unicorns, and bone fish, we even have a man riding a whale and of course let’s not forget the crab with a martin glass. So, if you are searching for the fun weathervane that is also a mythological weathervane the enjoy or large selection of awesome mythological weathervanes today. Each of our mythological weathervanes are handmade to order right here at The Weathervane Factory so we never run out. Enjoy American.Yes, I know - nothing more American then our famous American Jackalope Weathervane which seems to be found heavily now in Texas.