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Cat Weathervanes

Cat weathervanes - Made in USA

 Here are our amazing cat weathervanes, we make our cat weathervanes in three sizes, the small, shed size cat weathervane, the garage size cat weathervane and the big barn size cat weathervane. Any one of our many walking cat weathervanes will be an amazing addition to one of our great cupolas or just a nice cat weathervane on the outback shed cupola is a sure winner. We make our cat weathervanes walking, with bobtail, American Ring Tail which is also the curly tail cat weathervane. Our tail up cat weathervane is always amazing because that is how our cat comes when it is dinner time. Our cat with the tail down is sure to please because this seems to be the look when our cat is outside running the show. So if you are looking for a nice sleek cat weathervane, or just a small shed cat weathervane, our amazing selection of cat weathervanes are sure to please.