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Aquatic Weathervanes

Aquatic Weathervanes - Made in USA

 Our aquatic weathervanes are always fun for us to make, we make the swimming mermaid weathervanes and the man riding a whale weathervane. The ever-popular Man Rowing A Boat Weathervane is a guaranteed to make someone very happy. Our fish weathervanes are also, always fun for that ever-loving fisherman in the family. Perch a new Sunfish Weathervane on top of one of our amazing rooftop cupolas and you will get nothing but smiles from the little fisherman in the family. So, if you are looking for whales or sails, our aquatic weathervanes may be what you are searching for. We make the fun crab weathervane holding a martini glass and the sailboats and schooner weathervanes in a large assortment of sizes. Bonefish or Lighthouse Weathervane, we make them – you betcha. Enjoy our Aquatic Weathervane Selection today!