Weathervanes have been in existence for close to 2,100 years.  They have served both a functional and a decorative purpose.  Their functional purpose is to show the direction that the wind is blowing.  They also add ornamental interest to buildings, coming in many shapes and sizes.  While they come in almost any shape imaginable, the most popular weathervane shape is that of the rooster or cock, with horses and arrows being commonly sought after as well. 

Weathervanes should be positioned at the highest point of a building, away from other structures that may interfere with its functionality.  They are designed with a horizontal structure that rotates on a stationary vertical rod.  When the wind blows, the smallest and lightest portion of the horizontal structure spins and points into the direction of the wind.  As the need for the functional aspect has become obsolete due to advanced weather reporting technology, they have become purely decorative, bringing artistic appeal to any structure.

The Weathervane Factory was founded in 1971 by William H. McElvain Sr.  What began as a hobby, bending and forming copper into shapes became a lifelong passion of creating weathervanes in a variety of images including animal, religious, mythological, ship, sporting, transportation and more.  We invite you to view the variety of forms and dimensions that we produce.  We are continuously adding new and exciting ones to our inventory.  Whatever your taste, from practical to unusual, we have just the one to fit your taste and the structure that it will be on.

Not only do we produce weathervanes in copper, we also make them cast aluminum.  They can come with a beautifully aged finished by using with a patina acid sprayed on to give them that aged, patina look.  The lettering for the directional (north, south, east and west) come in either a standard font or scrolled font.  Included with your exclusive weathervane are the figure, the directionals, spacer balls, rod, ring and instructions for assembling it.

The Weathervane Factory also creates cupolas, made of maintenance free vinyl that may be used with one of our weathervanes or may be capped with a finial.  We also produce the decorative copper finials.  We also craft a wide variety of decorative items for both indoors and outdoors.  Included are bird houses, bird feeders, cast aluminum bells, freedom symbols, garden stakes, plaques and signs.  We also have mounting and replacement parts.

If you are looking for weathervanes borne out of artistic craft, the Weathervane Factory has the not only a wide variety of shapes and sizes but also unmatched quality.  Add architectural and decorative interest in any shape or size that you can think of. Whether it is your favorite animal or symbol, your weathervane will add just the finishing touch to your home or business.   We are located outside of Bar Harbor, ME, which is where we produce our weathervanes.  Visit our showroom in season at 852 Bar Harbor Road (Route 3) Trenton, Maine.  You may also order directly online or call us at 1-800-255-5025.


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