Horse Weathervane

If you have never thought about a weathervane that you or someone you know would like to receive as a unique and thoughtful gift that would be perfect for absolutely any occasion, you would not be alone in that thinking. Most people would never even think about a gift as special and amazing as a horse weathervane or many of the other styles and types that are available today. The Weathervane Factory would like to show you all of the many wondrous and distinctly beautiful metal art pieces that can accentuate any home or yard into a creative new imagery of old world charm. You will simply be amazed and intrigued when you see all of the creative ideas, along with the perfect amount of imagination that goes into the making of every fine piece of art that we offer.

About Our Products

The Weathervane Factor has been manufacturing a huge selection of extremely distinct hand made metal and wooden creations, such as a copper horse weathervane and literally hundreds of other images for you to choose from. All of our products are manufactured in the state of Maine and are 100% USA made, including all of our materials. Every piece of art that we create is meticulously detailed to bring out the finest, most professional workmanship that goes into all of our products. Some of our most popular pieces are copper, cast aluminum and wooden weathervanes that come in styles featuring hunting and fishing displays, deer, moose, elk and bear themes and our dolphin and whale options. Whether you, or someone you know is an avid sport hunter, or has a home on the water, there is the perfect weathervane that will feature their interests and their style.

At The Weathervane Factory, we also produce several other selections of metal art, such as bird houses and feeders, cast aluminum bells, garden stakes and a very large selection of the finest quality cupolas that are available anywhere. When a cupola is perfectly placed on a roof or dome, it will immediately bring an instant beauty that will last for a lifetime. Some cupolas are manufactured to stand alone, instead of on another structure, which gives your yard a look that stands out from the rest, and will be admired by anyone who sees it. We also offer some gorgeous indoor decor pieces that will bring out the beauty of any of the rooms that you display them in.

Contact Us

When you are looking for a truly special and different kind of a gift that is something to truly get excited about, such as horse weathervane, The Weathervane Factory would like to invite you visit our web site at, so that you can search through the hundreds of selections that we offer, within the comfort and privacy of your own home. Your shopping experience will be very simple, as all of the styles, sizes and prices are listed next to each of our products. You can also call us at 800.255.5025 an speak with one of our knowledgeable staff members.



Horse Weathervane

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