Cupola Weathervane

Weathervane Factory has the perfect cupola weathervane for your home or barn. Browse our fantastic inventory to find a wide range of styles, sizes, shapes, colors, and materials for the best fit and the look you want. If you don’t see something that meets your needs, give us a call, and we can help you find the right product for form and function.

Why Every Home and Outbuilding Needs a Cupola Weathervane

Cupolas are not just for rural properties- they look great on top of any type of home, barn, shed, or building. While most people still think cupolas are only for aesthetic purposes, they offer a number of benefits that range from air circulation to increased heating and cooling efficiency. Explore our website to find out some of the many advantages of owning a cupola weathervane.

The Perfect Weathervane Attachment

The right cupola can make it an easy process attaching a weathervane to your building. Be sure to choose the right pitch for your roof and select from a wide variety of options that include louvers, windows, custom-shaped caps, hexagon or octagon style, wood or metal material, color, and height. If you need help, just give us a call, and we’ll answer your questions and help you select the right type of cupola weathervane.

Hundreds of Choices

Adorn your home or barn with a cupola weathervane that speaks to your love of horses, owls, dogs, cats, eagles, poultry, or practically any other subject you can think of. We carry a great selection of nautical weathervanes, wildlife weathervanes, and items featuring arrows, banners, transportation, sporting, folk art, water-life, religious, mythological, and so much more. Our beautiful copper weathervanes are designed and manufactured to last for generations.

Functional Benefits

A cupola weathervane does a lot more than provide beauty to your building. Correct placement on top of a barn helps air circulate, reducing the likelihood that animal feed and hay will develop mold. Select a windowed cupola for added light without the need to install lighting. Livestock and feed require continually circulating air to prevent disease and keep pests down to a minimum- louver cupolas do an excellent job of maintaining fresh air inside a barn.

Additional Benefits

Increase the value of your home and property with a beautiful cupola weathervane as your house’s crowning glory. Our cupolas are the first thing typically noticed by guests and the last thing they see when leaving your home. Cupolas and weathervanes make buildings stand out from the crowd, command attention, and work hard to maintain the center of attraction.

USA-Made Quality

Save money on a high-quality cupola weathervane from Weathervane Factory. Our products are in-stock and ready to ship out to you so you won’t experience a long delay when ordering. We’ve been designing and manufacturing cupolas and weathervanes since 1971, with new designs added to our inventory every year. Browse our selection now by clicking on the ‘Cupolas’ or ‘Weathervanes’ link to see options.

Cupola Weathervane

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