Barn Cupola

Add passive ventilation and natural light to any outdoor building with a barn cupola from Weathervane Factory. Our beautiful, functional cupolas are ideal for releasing hot or stale air from the uppermost areas of your barn while letting in some natural light that saves on electricity. If you’re looking for a top-quality cupola, feel free to browse our made-in-USA louver and window cupolas.

Add Classic Style to Any Barn

It surprises many of our customers to learn that cupolas are much more than just visually-appealing additions to out-buildings. Blending form with function, a barn cupola allows air to circulate in the attic, sending out moist air and preserving wood from rot and hay from becoming molded. A cupola on a home can add a new level of comfort in the summertime by improving the efficiency of your air conditioning unit.

Yes, It’s About Appearance

While there are a number of different ways to obtain the same results as from a cupola, it really is about that added level of aesthetic curb appeal. There’s just something unique and timeless about a home or barn with a cupola attached to the roof- and if you should decide to add a weathervane, you’ll find every barn cupola in our inventory is weathervane-ready for a simple installation that takes just minutes.

Does Your Barn Need a Cupola?

The short answer to this question is yes, and the longer answer is a resounding yes. Moisture is ever a concern when livestock is being housed inside a barn in the wintertime. A barn cupola does a terrific job of reducing humidity levels and preventing feed from becoming mildewed and molded. When temperatures drop, you may be tempted to look for ways to tighten up your barn; however, proper ventilation is necessary to prevent damage to the building and everything inside.

Why Opt For an Eye-Appealing Barn Cupola?

The first barn ventilators were little more than wooden boxes with louvers and gable roofs; however, more and more farm owners are looking to combine visual appeal with performance. You’ll find all of the cupolas at Weathervane Factory meet both of these specifics. We carry one of the best selections of louvered cupolas, window cupolas, and hexagon & octagon cupolas. Browse our entire inventory on the Weathervane Factory website and let us know if you have questions or need assistance placing an order.

Free Natural Light

Our window cupolas allow daylight to stream in and light up areas of your barn that might otherwise remain dark in the daytime. If you’re looking for a barn cupola with windows, check out our selection including Bridgeport, Naples, Scottsdale, Pinehurst, Sedona, Aspen, Ellsworth, Searsport, and many others as well. You’ll find hundreds of options available in a wide range of price options, including copper top cupolas, wooden top cupolas, poly-color cupolas, bell-topped cupolas, and many others- all designed to support a weathervane if desired.

Barn Cupola

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