Rooster Weathervanes

Here at Weathervane Factory, we have the largest selection of weathervanes to help fit any style you’re looking for. Our rooster weathervanes give a classic look to any building it is mounted on. We offer a wide variety of rooster weathervane styles which range from Copper Maine Rooster Weathervanes to Crowing Rooster Weathervanes and much more. Each rooster weathervane figure is made in the USA and are artistically hammered and bent to form a beautiful and unique form. Choose between natural copper or Patina copper, both chosen for their superb durability in all weather conditions to last for years to come. We also utilize such heavy duty materials as aluminum and vinyl. Browse our rooster weathervane options below. If you have any questions on your weathervane needs, please feel free to contact us at any time 1-800-255-5025 or 1-207-843-0440.

Copper Large Rooster SW1902
Copper Rooster Weathervane SW1907

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