New Weathervane Designs Coming Soon

Weathervanes and More Weathervanes - Coming Soon.

We have made new Weathervane Designs this past Winter and they are at the Molding Company Now – We are hoping to have our new molding back in the Next 3 Months if all goes well. Once we have completed the New Weathervane Designs for your Viewing they will be listed here on our Web Site.

Here is a List of Copper Weathervane Designs to be finished up soon.

Crow/Raven Weathervane

West Highland Terrier Weathervane

Golden Retriever Weathervane Standard Size and Golden Retriever Large Size.

Large Pineapple Weathervane

Small Flamingo Weathervane and Larger Flamingo Weathervane.

Small Turkey Weathervane

Quarter Horse and Rider Weathervane

Amish Horse and Buggy Weathervane

Sun Face Weathervane

Cow Jumping over the Moon Weathervane

Man in the Moon Weathervane