Misc Weathervanes

Copper Saw and Hammer Weathervane 110
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Copper Trees 301
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Copper Large Trees Weathervane 309
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Copper Wine Bottle 314
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Copper Fire Hat 317
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Copper Peace Sign Weathervane - 472
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Copper Bone Fish 479
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Weathervanes can be fun, elegant, whimsical and nostalgic. They are the perfect way to add the crown to any structure and make a beautiful addition to any type of architecture. Our Misc weathervanes include a wide range of styles so that you can find the perfect one that speaks to you! A Misc weathervane is one that doesn’t fall under the heading of any of our various categories. This is the place where you may find the weathervane that represents something important to you or that just suits your fancy!

What better way to top off your work shed than with the Saw and Hammer weathervane? Any carpenter, handy man or do-it-your-selfer will appreciate the symbolism involved from this fun design. There is also a Pipe Wrench and Plunger design for the plumber of the house. The Copper Wine Bottle is the ideal adornment for your vineyard. You can pay tribute to nature with so many of our Misc weathervanes including the Star and Moon, Flower, Trees and Shrubs, or with a row of Pine Trees.

If animals are your favorite thing, the Mouse and Swan weathervanes are each uniquely attractive. Only those weathervanes specified as copper are made from your choice of natural or patina copper. Others are made from poured PVC that has hardened. These PVC weathervanes are of the most durable and weather-resistant material and will last for years while remaining virtually maintenance free. Choose from copper or green color.

Copper weathervanes with a patina finish have had acid applied to accelerate the aging process. This provides a unique look to each copper Misc weathervane that is purchased with the patina finish. Most of our copper weathervanes also include your choice of scrolled or standard directionals in either natural or patina copper.

Be sure to check out our cupolas for displaying your new weathervane. Cupolas are made with a copper top so that they coordinate with all of the weathervanes shown here and throughout our entire inventory. You will find everything you need to create the perfect roof ornament at