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We have been making copper weathervanes in Maine since 1971 and we continue to make the majority of our weathervanes right here in our copper shop today which ensures our Made in Maine copper weathervanes are never out of stock. With 100s of different copper weathervanes to choose from - you are sure to find the weathervane that is right for you. From the traditional rooster weathervanes and horse weathervanes to the whimsical pig weathervanes and our party pig weathervane - there is something for everyone. Looking for something other than farm animal weathervanes - we also have plane weathervanes, ship weathervanes and of course a wide variety of American eagle weathervanes. We are still creating and designing new weathervanes each year with no end in sight. So take a look at our weathervanes and find yours today.


Making Weathervanes Since 1971
Our Made in the USA weathervanes are made in our Maine copper shop and never out of stock.
Don't wait months for your copper weathervane. Order your weathervane today and it will be on its way to you within just a few days!

Copper Man in Boat 208 -
Copper Fun Rooster Bird Weathervane 324 -
Copper Flying Pig Weathervane - 366 -
Copper Arrow Weathervane 372 -
Copper Flying Sheep Weathervane 502 -
Copper Anchor Weathervane 509 -
Copper Whale Weathervane 521 -
Copper Jackalope Weathervane 587 -
Copper Horse Weathervane 613 -
Copper Rooster Weathervane 616 -
Aspen Cupola -
Colbrook Color Cupola -
Danville Color Cupola -
Conway Louvered Color Cupola -
Bedford Louvered Color Cupola -