Cupolas -Sand and Clay Colors

Cupolas - Sand and Clay Color PVC - Made in USA

Our cupolas made of sand and clay PVC are made from ¾” Palight PVC lumber. These great cupolas have the color in the material, so that our cupolas never have to be painted. Since we have 3 colors of Palight PVC ( which includes the white Palight) each of our cupolas are made to order. Once we receive the order for your cupola, we then make the sand or clay cupola for our customer. Please note that because each clay or sand cupola is made to order, it can take anywhere from 3-6 weeks to make your new color cupola for you. Since Palight cupolas are a custom request no returns are every authorized on the larger 42” cupolas and bigger. This is because it is difficult to sell or store larger cupolas in our retail store. Please note that these are amazing clay and sand cupolas and are top of the line. Each of our clay and sand cupolas are made special for our customers and only at our customers request. Each of our cupolas come Weathervane Ready to fit our Entire Line of Copper Weathervanes. Be sure to view our Rooftop Cupolas Rules and Guidelines page. Follow our great Blog for Cupola and Weathervane Updates.